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10 Essential Accessories for Standing Desks

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Switching to a standing desk is a great way to fight off sedentarism and live a healthier life. Standing and working at a desk sounds simple enough, but at some point, it might get tiring and boring. Here are the essential standing accessories for standing desks that you need to have right now to make working while standing easier. 

Anti-Fatigue Mat 

Standing while working is great for your health, but at some point, during the day your feet, legs, and lower back will start to get tired, even if you switch between sitting and standing at the recommended intervals. One of the best ways to take care of this problem is to buy an anti-fatigue mat. This provides cushioning to help you combat fatigue while standing at your desk. If you want to buy an anti-fatigue mat right away, here’s how you pick the best one.

Massage Foam Roller 

Standing for a long period of time can cause a lot of muscle strain, so why not relax your feet from time to time? The foam roller is a great accessory to have for both new and old standing desk users. They come in various lengths, with a softer or harder surface, ready to help relieve sore muscles, erode scar tissue, and stimulate blood flow.

Balance Board  

A balance board can be compared with a see-saw that can you can stand on. They are easy to use and help keep your body moving while you are standing at your desk. The balance board is a great way to stay fit while working, as the movement improves your balance and strength. Some balance boards even have massage pads, to keep your feet in top shape. Buying a balance board today will not only help you stay in shape while working but also keep it fun. 

Under-Desk Elliptical  

An elliptical trainer is a great accessory for your standing desk, as it allows you to keep moving while working. They are great if you are thinking of buying a treadmill desk but not 100% sure. While not as efficient as the treadmill, the elliptical will help you stay in great shape even if you are working at your computer all day long. Some elliptical trainers also come with a display monitor, where you can check calories, RPM, strides, and distance.

Under-Desk Treadmill

The under-desk treadmill is the most expensive accessory you can purchase for your standing desk. It is the best option for exercising while working but does require a lot of floor space to operate properly. The treadmill needs to be designed specifically for walking, with a max speed of up to 4 mph. If you plan on using a regular running treadmill don’t, as they tend to malfunction after being used at low speed for long periods of time. 

Under-Desk Keyboard & Mouse Platform

This accessory helps you maintain perfect ergonomics to prevent any type of joint inflammation and pain. The under-desk platform is an accessory that can be raised, lowered and tilted to maintain your arms at about a 90-degree angle. Some products even offer you a separate, smaller platform for your mouse to keep it on a level surface while your keyboard is tilted to the best wrist position. This accessory is a must-have if you want to quickly and efficiently turn your current workspace into a standing desk.

Monitor Mounting Arm

Together with the under-desk keyboard platform, this accessory can help turn your regular desk into a standing desk. The monitor mounting arm allows you to freely move your desktop screen in any desired position, thus making the sit to stand process extremely fast and easy. They are sturdy, can hold up to 50 lbs and automatically free up precious desk space. Some products even can hold multiple monitors. Alternatively, you could go for a monitor riser. This is similar to a Z-Lift desk converter that allows you only to adjust the height of your monitor. 

Under-Desk CPU Holder

With this accessory, you can keep your CPU as close to your monitors and peripherals as possible, without losing and desk surface space. This means that you don’t have to buy longer cables for when you are raising your desk into a standing position. Another great benefit of the under-desk holder is that it keeps your CPU away from the dirty floor. Lastly, the under-desk holder also helps improve ventilation.


After switching back from a standing position, it is important to give your feet a proper rest. A footrest is a perfect accessory for relaxing your muscles while sitting comfortably. Some products are also adjustable, to help you find the most comfortable position for your feet. You won’t regret buying a footrest. 


A good pair of shoes can make the difference between standing comfortably or getting muscle pain. If you don’t have any office dress code, you should go for the most comfortable shoes available, preferably ones that have memory foam. A lot of sneakers and trainers fall into this category so as long as they offer good support, the best choice is only a matter of personal taste. If you need to follow a dress code, you could get away with a simple all-black pair of sneakers. 


One the crucial accessories for standing desks is the chair. Since you will also have to work at your desk sitting, you’ll need something in which to sit comfortably. You should purchase a chair that has adjustable height and plenty of back support, otherwise, you will put unnecessary strain on your lower back and neck. Alternatively, you could go with an active seating option. This means sitting on chairs and stools that encourage movement. One great example is the wobbly stool, which will keep your core fully engaged even while sitting. 


You can find a lot of accessories for standing desks that not only help you make your standing experience more comfortable but also help you exercise more, even while working. Since nowadays sitting is considered to be the new smoking, you have to do everything possible to keep an active lifestyle. 

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