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5 Best Electric Standing Desks for Every Budget

Electric Standing Desk

A standing desk encourages greater movement throughout your day while helping optimize your cognition, improve focus, enhance collaboration, reduced back and neck pain, increase productivity and boost calorie burn. If you are looking to switch to a standing desk and don’t want to pay a lot of money for it, a crank adjustable desk is a great solution. Here are 5 of the best electric standing desks available right now.  

ApexDesk Elite Series 60″ W Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Price: $599.99

The ApexDesk Elite Series 60” is probably the most appreciated electric height adjustable standing desk on Amazon right now. The desk provides ample room for a variety of office tasks. Narrowest mid-section measures 26. 5” deep, caving in to allow users to sit closer to office essentials. It supports up to 225 lbs, enough to accommodate any workspace setup. The desk has an adjustable height between 29” to 48” and a fast speed of 1. 5” per second. 

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The desk has almost 800 positive reviews so far, the most appreciated features being the material quality, stability and value for money. “The best thing about this table is the build quality. I just received it and put it together but can tell the table will last a long time based on the quality”, says one Amazon review.

Vari Electric Standing Desk 

Price: $695.00 for 48”; $795.00 for 60”

The Vari Electric Standing Desk uses has been designed so that it can be assembled by anyone in less than 5 minutes. With a dept of 30”, the desk boasts more than enough space for multiple monitors, a laptop, and plenty of extra room for your keyboard, mouse, and papers. It can hold up to 200lbs, which is more than enough for any workstation setup and has a cable management tray included so that you can say goodbye to all the loose wiring. With the 3 programmable height settings and the powerful, quiet motor, you can choose any height between 25.5” to 50.5” high.

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With more than 200 positive reviews so far, this desk is probably the best choice for anyone looking to invest in a proper electric standing desk, with a fancy finish. The desk comes with a white, black, butcher block, dark wood, and reclaimed wood finish. “At work, I have the white one, for at home I bought the wood grain one. The white one has not stained or chipped or anything else even though coffee and other drinks have been spilled on it and items may have dropped on it over time. This is a pricey, yes, yet solid investment for your business or home office”, says one Amazon customer. 

UNICOO – Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Price: $299.99

This is probably the most affordable and sturdiest high-quality electric standing desk available on Amazon right now. The heavy-duty Industrial-grade steel frame combined with a solid MDF desktop enables the desk to support up to 225 lbs. It also has an elegant 7-button programmable controller with 4 customizable presents for desired desk heights (30.5” to 48”). The UNICOO desk comes with a couple of safety functions: the motor shuts down after two minutes to prevent overheating and if the top is tilted more than 2 degrees, to prevent monitors from falling. 

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Most of the clients who’ve purchased the desk so far recommend it for the value for money, sturdiness and easy assembly. “It’s beautiful and the table looks ‘distressed’ but is smooth to the touch. The electronic functionality works quickly and smoothly. And my husband put it together pretty quickly”, says one Amazon customer.

Stand Up Desk Store 60” Standard Electric Standing Desk

Price: $399.00  

The desk is equipped with reliable electronics, a robust steel frame, and a durable powder coat finish to ensure this electric sit stand desk withstands the rigors of daily use. It features a simple paddle-style electric height-adjustable to comfortably accommodate a wide range of standing and sitting settings.

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Although not as popular as other models, the Stand Up Desk Store 60” Standard Electric Standing Desk still has numerous positive reviews. “Better quality than expected. These desks get expensive fast, but this one is of good solid quality while being on the more affordable end. Also super easy to assemble”, says one customer.

FlexiSpot EN1B-R5528B Electric Height Adjustable Desk

Price: $379.99

The large work surface of this desk (55” x 28”) provides ample space for a variety of monitor or laptop setups, plus room for ongoing projects and office supplies. The motor lift mechanics is very quiet (under 50 dB) and offers a smooth height adjustment, from 28″ to 47.6”, at a speed of 1” per second. The desk has a 7-button controller with 3 programmable memory presets that lets you set 3 desired desk heights for convenient switching from sitting to standing throughout the day.

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The FlexiSpot EN1B-R5528B Electric Height Adjustable Desk has tens of positive reviews already: “I work from home and I love this desk. It has plenty of room for all my files and computer monitor and other items. It’s well made, the quality is excellent. This is a very simple but elegant office desk. The base of the leg and the top is heavy. The motor is pretty quiet when moving up and down”; “I have a $1000+ standing desk at work. This costs less than half and is probably 80% as good. Operation is easy and smooth – basic up and down buttons, plus a few presets and an “alarm” that pings you if you’ve been sitting too long.” 

If you want to improve your standing experience, or even make it fun, check out these standing desk accessories. Just remember never to spend too much time standing, otherwise you will start feeling pain in you legs and joints.

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