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WESK – The Standing Desk for Small Spaces & Offices

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The standing desk is the new must-have for anyone wanting to switch to a healthier lifestyle while working a desk job. Most of the market is made up of large desks that can accommodate workstations with up to 3 monitors because that’s what most of us need. But what are your choices if you have a small home office and enough space only for a small laptop table? Enter WESK – the standing desk for improving small spaces and the solution to being able to work, live, and thrive from home.

WESK promises to be more than just an adjustable standing desk for small spaces. “The WESK is more than just an ultra-modern, space-saving solution. It’s an ergonomic game-changer that empowers you to get sh*t done in a healthy, comfortable, and functional way”, according to the WESK website.

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Small standing desk born out of a big idea

WESK is the brain child of Justin Radford and Marc deMontigny, two friends from British Columbia who spent the last 2 years developing and improving this standing desk for small spaces. WESK was born out of Justin’s need to improve the quality of his working environment. As a graphic designer who, like many people, works out of his home, Justin needed a healthier solution to the regular desk that could fit in his small space. He brought the idea to Marc, an expert designer and woodworker, and together the small height adjustable desk was born.

The WESK’s revolutionary movable desktop allows you to find the right standing position regardless of your height. Not only that, but thanks to its innovative closing feature, this small standing desk can be easily used by any member of the family, including your child.

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Sit stand desk with customizable design

The WESK is made from the finest lumber available in British Columbia and can be customized and made to be as unique as you. The manufacturer offers a large library of graphics to choose from, to make it more than just a small stand up desk – a true work of art. Moreover, you can even send them your own graphics, thus making the etchings on your WESK 100% unique. The small adjustable desk also comes with a lifetime warranty.   

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Easy to install

The installation of this small adjustable standing desk is fairly simple and, according to the WESK website, even your grandma could do it with her eyes closed. This sit stand desk is wall-mounted and when closed it takes up only 32” (width) x 26” (height) with a depth of only 9”. The working surface is 32” (wide) x 26”, and it can hold up to 40lbs (although the users are advised against leaning their body weight on it) which makes it just perfect for any laptop, plus some additional accessories. This truly makes it the perfect adjustable standing desk for small spaces.

This standing desk for small spaces starts shipping in June 2020, at a price of $500 per unit. The manufacturer also has a special promotion running at the moment. The first 10 units only cost $399. Shipping for the WESK is only available in Canada for the time being.

For more information visit the WESK website!

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